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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7

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Using the power button and the central button

This is the simplest method to make a screenshot in most of the Galaxy family phones. The combination of the buttons reminds us that the combination used in Apple for the iPhone, the only difference is that the buttons are distributed differently.

  • Having prepared the screen that you want to capture.
  • Keep pressed the start button (the center button) and power simultaneously.
  • After a second holding down these buttons, the outside of the screen flashes briefly accompanied by a shutter sound to know that the screen capture was successful.
  • Having gained the screenshot, we can find in the Gallery application, or My Files, the file browser of Samsung.

We can also share directly with other applications from the Share button in the notification screen.

Across the Swipe-method

This is basically a gesture that allows us to capture a faster way. Tilt your hand to the side, with the thumb up and slide your hand across the screen from edge to edge regardless of the direction. If you have done well you will see the same animation and sound to the above method to let you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Samsung Galaxy S7 has taken the desired screen capture.

If you do not want to use this gesture, if you find difficulties in implementing the act, or applications that do not open while doing the gesture, you can disable in the menu "movement and gestures" Settings.


Air Command wheel also allows you to choose which portions of screen you want to share with other applications and services. Once the capture is made we can easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or anywhere else.

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