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I updated my Android to Lollipop and it started to show "com.android.systemUI has stopped [OK]" message. How can get rid of this message?

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After installing an app: it may be that the app played an important file, we must remove it. We can reinstall to see if what happened is that there was some sort of corruption in the process, but should not be excluded that the app simply does not get along with our smartphone / OS. Apps most affected by this are the launchers.
- By touching files: as root can delete files to save space but sometimes we should not touch anyone. Or maybe we've uninstalled a system app do not want, but which is necessary for the interface. The solution is to put everything you've taken.
- Changing ROM: we may have forgotten to make the wipes data and cache, and then filed the problem. So the first step is to make and, if not work, reinstall the ROM must conscientiously to avoid mistakes.
- You Do not know what you've done: if you see this error and you're not sure what happened (or previous solutions have failed), it is best to reset the phone to factory. Lose smartphone settings, but the problem will be solved. Now you must be careful to avoid to repeat the steps you took out the error message at first.

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Surely many have given you this notice. The problem may be that you have installed a launcher that does not belong to the shop or market that you have installed an application that is not compatible with your device present elements, such as an incompatible type of advertising.

One application that has created this problem for many users is the keyboard, specifically TouchPal. The best recommendation would be to uninstall applications installed since you started to receive these notifications.

Has anyone found another solution to this problem?
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I have a mini tablet with android 4.0, I have not downloaded any application and me this message appears; It has also disappeared touch bar operation icons back up, main function and shortcut key. Already reset and remains the same. Some good advice ?. Thanks in advance.
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