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Hello , I am having a problem with the sensor of my 10t and it is that when I put it on my ear the screen turns off but when I remove it from my ear the screen remains off and I have to press the power button to turn on the screen. happens to you?? or is my phone defective???

I would appreciate your help thank you very much

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Hello friend, the problem you mention is not the screen but the proximity sensor, hopefully with the new MIUI update they can solve it, it is a widespread problem for this phone.


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Right, they're trying to improve it actually in the Chinese version they've already improved it quite a bit.
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We all continue with the same problem. I'm about to break the mobile against the ground, impossible to work with it.

That also happens to me a lot, the screen stays off and there is no way and of course as I am on call and me. Mute the microphone or put the call on hold, I don't have time to remove it...
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It's a shame this problem we have
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I think this is my first and last xiaomi, it's what happens when you buy cheap, but I just spent a lot of money on a mobile.

Let's see which one I get when I stamp this one, hehehehehehe
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Well, I have been using xiaomi terminals for years and I assure you that I do not change them for others, I have had iphone, samsung, motorola etc and the truth is that they are all the same when they fail.
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Having the problem is not only happens with the Xiaomi I have another work terminal (I can't say which terminal is not a xiaomi it is for work reasons) and the same thing happens therefore it is not a problem of Xiaomi it is a problem of android.

As a colleague here says, the versions of MIUI can be improved and little by little it will be improved.
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But this is not that it fails, it is that the sensor is wrong, you can now update the software because the problem is hardware
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