I can not install .apk

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asked Dec 2, 2015 in Android by mana


some time ago , my Xperia not let me install applications that previously

I downloaded. I have enabled the option to "Install Third-Party Applications", and I

opens the installer properly. By going to install the "Install" button is not "clickable"

while the "Cancel" he yes it is. Any ideas?

P.S. It has nothing to do with the available memory, have more than enough. And it happens with all the .apk

Thank you!

6 Answers

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answered Dec 2, 2015 by titus

If you have installed defend juice off the brightness control that application
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answered Dec 2, 2015 by flax
From Play Store (O Google Play as you like) will not let my knowledge re-download because it is registered already installed it. Maybe someone discover us how to reverse that situation.
I for now the only way I've managed to make to reinstall and downloaded applications, is to make a backup of installed applications and then install directly from the .apk, all this using ES Explorer.

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answered Dec 2, 2015 by sman
But if it is recorded that you already downloaded and delete your phone, you the download you can again, I say xq I installed me flasee applications and lost all and then I returned to settle them, or I think that although the record of those you already have installed, you can still reinstall fabrics.
commented Dec 2, 2015 by flax
Mmm, the problem is that there appears again to download and install both.
We should try to eliminate the .apk that was downloaded the first time it is installed, as well if you can.
Under investigation, thanks.
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answered Dec 2, 2015 by ush
Where you downloads?
commented Dec 2, 2015 by sman
I downloaded from the market or Applanet
But if you get into the market and you click to and discharged you the redownload, is I settled at the time the angry birds, delete it and today I've reinstalled to tell you, so yes you can ...
commented Dec 2, 2015 by fghut
Well, it now seems that if it works well, not before, perhaps one of the improvements of Google Play.
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answered Dec 2, 2015 by terra
have the application installed on your phone defend ?. I say this because the application causes the problem you mention. That is, when you install an application does not work the OK button.
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answered Dec 2, 2015 by vicsuaj

As some colleagues say, it was that the button "install" is not "left" press. I have the Juice Defender, but I have TeamBattery Bar (highly recommended, by the way). What makes this application as I read, it is to create a transparent layer on the Install button, making it "inpulsable". Solution? Disable APP, install, and turn it back on.

Thanks to all!
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