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Method 1: Unlock your Xiaomi phone through your Mi account

Step 1:  The system will prompt you after you type the wrong password five times. Then you can wait about 30 seconds  and try typing the password again.

Step 2:  If you still can't remember the password, you can click " forget password  " at the bottom right. Then enter your account and account password to unlock it.

Forgot your account and my account password? You must continue with the following steps:

Step 3:  Take out the SIM card from your phone and install it in another phone so that you can receive the messages.

Step 4  Enter  the Xiaomi Cloud  website  and choose “ Sign in with my account  ” .

Step 5:  Click on " Forget Password  " . Then you can reset your Mi account password.

Step 6:  Enter your new Mi account and password to unlock your phone.

Method 2. Unlock your Xiaomi phone by factory reset

Step 1:  Power off your Xiaomi phone.
Step 2:  Hold down the  " Volume Up "  key and the "  Power  " key at the same time until the Mi logo appears on the screen.
Step 3: In recovery mode, click  "  Wipe Data  " option (use Volume key to navigate and Power key to enter).
Step 4: Select " Clear all data  " and confirm it.
Step 5: After the reset is complete, go back to the main menu and select " Reboot  " to reboot your phone.
Step 6: Then you can set a new PIN code for your Xiaomi phone.

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