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The answer to my question imagine it will be simple, but good. Can you add songs to iPhone without using iTunes? 
I just want to add songs, but as I'm not in my house (I have not specifically my computer) before synchronizing iTunes tells me I have to delete the contents of the iPhone. What I want is to add music without deleting anything. 
A greeting and thanks.
how to add music to a ipod without itunes

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Sorry to use your post, but that advantage is similar Thematic ... 
One question I have before I get the iPhone on Monday and synchronize. 
Music in itunes I do not have it in playlists if not in music, I have divided into discs. When syncing is meter a well on the iphone? 
And the podcast? They get all? The unheard or heard? As classified? 
Thank you in advance!
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Nobody knows then adding music without using iTunes or add music from different iTunes without deleting the contents of the iPhone when not in use from the iTunes 'main'?
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selected in itunes manually manage music files and not syncing tines. 
and if you want a program to access the library iphone without itunes here you diskaid 
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Thanks for your advice eslem. I'll try the diskaid now. I selected files manually handling've tried, but iTunes tells me I have to delete the contents of the iPhone before.
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eslem'm "tinkering" with diskaid, but can not find the folder where the music is. I go into the iTunes folder and only find the podcasts.
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Ready! They have already told me a program to add music to iPhone without using iTunes.
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Happens to me as well, only I use and I have osx winamp .... 
L can not get my iPhone to work ibrería without sncronizarse, but put it in manual mode only allows me to transfer from your computer and iTunes library with which I started, because even if you select manual mode, forcing me to apply to enable synchronization. I know this can be done differently because the iPod did for a friend a while and could include different audio files from iTunes, I'm thinking that on that occasion iPod (then an iPod and not an iPhone as now) was started from Windows, for what that was compatible with both platforms and the iPhone, as it is mine I've started from Mac, like is there a difference?
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with this option selected, you have to add music, videos, etc, by selecting and dragging the tree on the left. No syncing, which I assume is what you do to tell you that it will crush everything.
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It'll i-quique. I select the option to manually manage and click around the left side on "iPhone", "Music" or "Videos" tells me that first you have to delete the contents of the iPhone. 
Anyway, I installed the plugin and Winamp iPod and going great. 
Thanks anyway.
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And with you let winamp music iphone to PC?
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Connor R with Winamp yes you can move songs to the iPhone, but you must have installed Winamp pluging iPod. It works for me very well. 
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Someone tried to transfer videos with this method? You can?
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