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I'm desperate, iPad escaped from the hands of my daughter fell to the ground and the screen is not damage but stay in blue and no button works!! What should I do? : (

How to solve ipad blue screen error can you help me about ipad blue screen error please...

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I bought a new ipad but it gives me blue screen

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Turn it upside down on your knee and smack the back of it with increasing velocity to see what happens.

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Fix blue screen on your iPad

When you get a blue screen on your iPad or other iOS device usually occur protection management system of the graph need to reboot it, this method is very simple and you do not have to worry too much, can be solved relatively easily .


The first is to make sure we have our iPad battery, so if you are not sure leave it charging for a while, at least 20 minutes to operate. 
Step 1: We let down the button on / off, which is set up for 3 seconds. Nothing 2 or 4 seconds, three. By doing this the iPad off the screen and hear a click, like when we blocked the iPad normally. If we have done well, we will continue with the next step. If not, it should be repeated.


Step 2 We pressed for 2 seconds, the iPad Home button. With this we reset the graphics system and unlocked. You can have access to the screen again in minutes.

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thanks man, you saved my day!
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Thank you so much. Works beautifully.
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Try to put the screen down, and give him a blow dry in the center, where the apple, I have seen around here that on occasion this worked with blue and green screens. 
If not, take it to the Apple store and get it fixed. 
ipad screen is blue solutions here
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or you can find here why does my ipad have a blue screen

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thank you connor:) best solution to ipad blue screen error

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