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How to fix iTunes error 4013 when updating iPhone

Error 4013 or Error 4014 in iTunes are two of the most common error codes seen in Apple that appear when trying to update or restore iPhone / iPad. It is difficult to clarify why the 4013 or 4014 error appears. There are many reasons:
  • The USB / lightning cable is broken
  • The charging port is damaged
  • Wi-Fi signal is weak
  • Not enough space on iPhone for update or restore
  • Something is wrong with your computer
Considering that the reasons are not clear, we will have to try different solutions one by one to fix iTunes error 4013/4014. Try the following steps until the error is resolved in your iTunes and your iPhone 12/11/10/9/8 / SE / X / iPad is repaired.
Basic solutions to resolve error 4013/4014 on iPhone
Before proceeding, follow these basic steps to fix error 4013 or error 4014 which is preventing iTunes from updating or restoring your iPhone 8 / 8Plus or newer versions normally.
#1. Get a new cable
Check if the USB cable you are using works. You may need to change it for a new cable if you see the error keeps popping up. Sometimes poor quality or third party cables could make your iPhone unrecognizable by iTunes.
#2. Check the USB ports
Make sure the charging port on your iPhone is working normally, which will tell you if your iPhone can be charged normally. And also try using a different USB port on your computer or connect your iPhone to iTunes on a different computer to make sure the USB port is not the problem.
#3. Update iTunes
Update iTunes to the latest version. In your iTunes, click on " Help "> " Check for updates " and if you find a new version available, update it.
#4. Strong Wi-Fi connection
Both your computer and your iPhone must be connected to a strong Wi-Fi network. Poor Wi-Fi connection could interrupt the iOS update and this could cause the iTunes error.
#5. Free up space on iPhone
Free up space if you don't have enough storage space on your iPhone for the update. Error 4013/4014 could be displayed when your iPhone does not have enough space for the new iOS update.
#6. Keep your PC / Mac updated
If there is an update alert for your Mac or Windows computer, please update it.
If you try all these steps and still see error 4013/4014, the problem on your iPhone may be a bit more complex and you need advanced methods to fix it.
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