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My router fails when ZXHN H218N change the original password. Apparently let me change it (I access with cable), but when I try to connect by wifi Windows 10 tells me that I can not access the network. If you let me connect to reset the default password. I know this password is not secure, so I want to put a more powerful. What can I do? Thank you

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You have to make sure rename the network, you change the type of security to WPA2 and make a secure but "simple" password. Do not use smileys, or ñ, or any character not accept all your dispisitivos and SS.OO. (Sounds silly but I put a smiley as password and my printer not accepted and every time you turned the printer network desconfiguraba do not know how and I had to reset the router).

A part not forget that the operators as a rule does not like them trasteen with their routers. If you've read on the internet that someone could try, but if you see nothing may well be that you can not and you.
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In addition to the password also changes the name of the WiFi (SSID) and try to see. If that still does not work you can try using another browser to changes in the router. In a router Huawei Vodafone took me a similar problem and the changes in the router configuration is made ineffective if not done with Internet Explorer (Unsolved Mysteries). You can also 'forget' or remove the WiFi network stored in your Windows 10 before making changes to the router.
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For he had not fallen into changing browser. The changes I made from Chrome. If I change only the name of the SSID, no problem and still connected. The mess comes, as I have explained, when I change the password. I'll try and tell you IExplorer and if it has worked.
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