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How to view  visited websites after clear history

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1 Open the file in Windows Explorer , by clicking the button "Start" menu and selecting " Explore" option . Windows automatically open a new browser window so you can navigate files .
Searching the hard drive "C:" and double-click the "Documents and Settings" folder to open it . Find the folder with your username and open it as well. Locate and open the " Local Settings " ye " history " . Scroll through the results until you find the file you need to restore URL . However, there is only a slight chance that Internet addresses are stored here history has already been cleaned.
Restore the PC to one of his recent points system backup. This is a good idea for users who back up your system daily and allows Internet users to locate the record of the previous day, week or even months. To do this , open the Start menu and then browsing " Accessories," " System Tools " and " System Restore." Follow the instructions on the screen by pressing the "Next" button and let your PC reboot and restore a selected session.
Reopen previously closed tab on any Windows Internet Explorer using the shortcut dedicated . Simply press the "Ctrl" and " Alt" key and press the letter " T" on your keyboard once. The browser window should restore previously deleted or closed flaps .
Restores a closed Internet Explorer window by using the " Reopen last browsing session " . Do this by clicking on the "Tools " option and selecting " Reopen last browsing session " in the dropdown. Internet Explorer should open all tabs of web sites that had been previously used .
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