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It's just that certainly curious and wanted to know two reasons: To upload to Google Drive and immediately remove the cel, todavian are these hidden folder in one cell? And another question: When I want to see Cloud shared something online they see them (say in the mismointernet) or also automatically download something online that I observe in my cell? I do not want anything to come into view in the cloud or Google Drive is registered in my cell. Thank you! I'm new here and I loved the forum

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Hi , it all depends on what you upload, I guess we talked about photos not ?, I know even climb to Google Drive with backup photos, not deleted from phone, you have to make your conversely does not work, if you see a photo or upload a photo to Google Drive, this does not automatically download to your phone.
I hope I explained well, and all that is what you came to ask, but tell us what you need and we see specifically, greetings.

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Hello again! My curiosity is on the side of knowing if any hidden folder on my cel is saved something I see in the cloud while I surf the internet and I saw the desired information, or if you just can see photos or documents there in the cloud so incognito, without leaving any 'cache' or something 'I residual'o downloaded in cel.Y Iñaki as I say, if I upload something from my cell to the cloud, and then you remove it, and my phone there is absolutely no trace of that picture? And so the backups, such options have disabled the precisely because the idea is to only have one copy of photos in a cloud host. Thanks for following guiding!
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