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How to activate and configure Aero8Tuner

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Although some of the changes in Windows 8 will be welcomed, others users accustomed to previous Windows, are going to be confused. Among them, we have the Windows 7 Aero interface. For those who do not know what is Aero, is among other things, which made clear the edges of the browser, letting us see what was behind it. 
For those who can not live without this feature, there is an application that reset to running Aero in windows 8. Consists Aero8Tuner, which allows users to change some options that have been hidden in Windows 8 Aero back to life. 
Allows users to change the color of the window borders, colored disable, alter the color balance mode and high contrast, and many more options to play with.
If you want to try it, it's as simple as Aero8Tuner download here. I also have a video of how it works to see if you urge:

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