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Hello good day as I write my ordeal started .... 
I'm from Venezuela have a HTC one M7 bought used released international version, here in Venezuela there are three operators, movilnet, digitel and movistar, the phone grabbed 3g 3 operators, few days ago I start to unlock the bootloader and change the recovery installing ClockworkMod, up here all right, I install as I say forums and tutorials, restarting the phone all the same, but when looking for networks I listed 3 operators. movistar 2G and 3G movilnet 2G and 3G, DIGITEL 2G and appears not 3G ..... digitel was lost, what will unlocking bootloader that made ​​me lose 3g? and no apn settings or the network just stopped recognizing the cel 3g digitel that is 900 mhz .... will appreciate your help and solution

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Uhmm, actually I very rarely the cause simply unlocking the bootloader .... 
At the moment I try to make a factory reset or reflash the RUU better .... 
On the other hand, is a bit "unusual" that you have sold a USA international terminal version, at least around here know what international (European version - EMEA) .. 
What model is a M7_u or M7_ul? 
I ask because there will be a question of recovery, which had not put the correct one for your model .... (hence you have suggested reflash the RUU) ....
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Hello friend osky thanks for your comment and sorry I did not respond fast as it was out of range. The phone I asked for Amazon and get the address in use. I use it in Venezuela, and lost in Digitel 3G operator to change the recovery and then release the bootloader, and to change the ROM and google. And nothing, install android revolution, nor am now using the same that brought the phone, I put a sim from another carrier and grab the 3g, but I work not only takes 2g, no longer find that I do and I reset all
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As the model I see?
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FRIEND is my apology hazing UL m7
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Hmmm .... 
Well, as I commented in another thread the compañro Fixit, call your company to ask APN settings (maybe even have changed the frequency band ...) to see if you got it wrong .... 
On the other hand, since you commented that by simply unlocking the bootloader strange thing that happened to me this much .... 
In any case, as you commented, the only thing I can think is that again flash the original RUU, without modifying it at all, and see if you still giving her fault or not 
Anyway, it is best to consult with your own companions (of Venezuela) to see if they also have problems with the same company ....
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Building on the thread ... I have a small doubt in the htc one has never left me icon H + but have maximum coverage, ie, I get only the H, that's because it is made well or because I do not catch H + ? 
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Friend osky, good day, the team has the original rom I had a backup that hize the recovery, as it had problems with the other, but I'm still without the H, and apn are fine as well check So I have another one but the mini htc, swap the sim and equals my sim on the other team grabs the H, but that happened after changing the recovery, right now has the original rom and ClockworkMod recovery v., in fact already tells me that there is a system update ota but to download and install it takes me straight to recovery and not installed .....
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Friend osky, and from the apn is more than revised, that's good all the hair, ---- 
in the case of the rom, I have the original installed, as I recover from backup made ​​the same recovery and business as usual without the blessed H, but as I say, the team has its original system, I actually sent an update via ota system, but installing the download calls me and sends me to restart recovery and is not installed, (have your original rom and recovery clockwormod, repeat this step to change the recovery team, have read and are many comments that no step further ... Greetings
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Uhmm, because I do not pay much attention, but "I think" that's normal .... 
I also remember seeing the H +, but the download speed if it was H + ... 
Come on, I think it depends on either the operator or the rom you have installed, as happens for example with NFC icon, which also changes ... 
Well, then you just should try to reinstall the original recovery, or failing that you download the original RUU (do not use a backup) will also reinstate the original recovery .... 
That would kill Form 2 birds with one stone; Check if the problem was due to the recovery that had cooked, and can update via OTA ....
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osky Friend, I have not gone that H +, H always been sometimes 3g E. and elsewhere, was to travel to Caracas to see how funcona the LTE (4G) but is tengop digitel where the problem and I think I will not be able to use
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Friend osky. But if you get just the recovery that the system software is original, the original recovery is achieved without changing?
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FRIEND osky told him that the original ruu install the m7 u_l, and stay as factory phone but the 3g on the 900 mhz is not taking it, that could have happened to the equipment, if the grab in 3g three operators?
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