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Handcent SMS app had worked great and is a great app

Since the installation of continuous 6.0 Mhasmalo gave me error messages.

Worse, I had to uninstall because I was blocking SMS Handcent sms, ie, it was impossible to receive SMS, I had to install the Google plus horrible name: MESSENGER

I realized that I needed to confirm sms bank transfer and come to expect, come to expect, call the bank and nothing, it will be the fault of the telephone operator and a provider transfer waiting ....

until he has given me to think of the happy 6.0 Mhasmalo ...

and OK. Once uninstalled the app Handcent SMS and passed through hoops to put itself on Google, I received an SMS !!!

Viva monopoly GOOGLE !!! Getting worse !!! shame because I always admired, to buy a Nexus ...

But I can not understand nor tolerate to do tests with customers
And launch the product and we'll solving errors
But what consequences? They have not thought for example, in a case like mine
How do I stay with my client? He must have thought that he put aside when I have half an hour delayed bank transfer, it can be thought that having solvency problems

And it is just half an hour? you may think for him, but in business holds. If you commit to pay, to do something in a condition (first thing in the morning in my case), it is to do them well.

I know this forum is not for Google and not come here my complaints, but I'd just like to say one thing to those gentlemen

It seems they do things thinking about home users who use the phone to play or something, without consequences and is the best sector professionals

Thus, as this 6.0 bungling lose them

And if you do not lose it by the happy present monopoly
But remember where it was and where it is now Microsoft in 2015

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My mobile version 4.2.1. ; and my wish is to this version replace  with new version
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