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Fixing the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8

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Fixing the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8

Then, knowing that we have applications that depend on others, we do not know his name, and we can not access them looking in the shop even if we knew your name, what can we do? Easy:

  • Let the application list.
  • Long click on one of the applications in question.
  • We click email and share with us the ship to ourselves.
  • Open the mail, we click on the link and install the application.

It is not the most orthodox solution of course, but until Microsoft, or Nokia Lumia 920, providing for a better solution, we will send one to one link to download the application to solve the 8000ffff error Windows Phone 8 .

What is Windows? In the Microsoft website there are certain common problems arranging FixIt Windows Update and serve to XP and Vista ... Windows 7 has a modulus repair problems with the update which is accessed from Control Panel> System and Security> search and correct problems with Windows Update.

Both FixIt Win7 as the module is connected to the internet to try the resolution so if you have a firewal that is not to Win you should disable it for the duration of the repair.

If that does not work, I do not know what more you can do.

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