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Hello, I recently revived my mom's old tablet from under her junk and I wanted to try and use it for school.

However, when I tried downloading any application from the Playstore, this pops up

"Error Retreiving information from server  RPC:S-7:AEC-0 EOH2-HZXI-HS6TS"


I have also tried updating the playstore and it says that it's already up to date (4.8.20). I've also updated the software but for some reason, I was able to download and install the update several times but still no " software is up to date" message would pop up.


I have tried common fixes like deleting the cache but it still will not work. some help would be appreciated.

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Settings> Applications > All> Downloads > delete data.

Settings> Applications > All> Play Store> delete data.

Settings> Apps > All> Google Services Framework (or if they have it in English: Google Service Framework) > delete data.

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uninstall google play store update try again
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