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Creating a recovery unit in Windows 8

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S.O. Windows 8 installed.


1- To begin open the main Control Panel window and use its search engine by entering the word "recovery". Then click "Create a recovery unit."


2- Click on Next.



3- Then the wizard will search for and locate their flash or Pendrive available unidade. Select the correct drive and click "Next".



4- The following confirmation window will warn you that all data on your flash drive or external hard drive will be erased. This is because it is imperative that Windows 8 will correct format of your device so you can start the recovery system smoothly.



5- Now begins the process of creating your bootable Pendrive recovery system with the new Windows 8, the process lasts very little and requires only about 190MB of space.



6- Once we have completed our bootable Pendrive with recovery system Windows 8.


7- Capture  recovery system.
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