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how to fix display driver stopped responding and has recovered

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I am no expert or anything like, but I have this problem and solved it in a very easy way. First of all I clarify that the first thing I did was update the driver, but found that, in my case, was not the solution.
After reading that possibly could be a problem for GPU temperature, what I did was noticing how many degrees was the same. For that I downloaded the Speedfan (it is a very easy to use little program) and thanks to this I realized that if I was using any game, the temperature (GPU) reached 100 ° C. And, testing (executing a game and minimized to corroborate the temp.) I realized that it is at that time that the controller stops working (when the temperature is high). I guess it's like a & quot; & quot defense mechanism; so that the card is not damaged (forgive my ignorance, pure common sense).
So what I did was unplug everything (I do not want to be responsible for someone & quot; goal hand & quot; with the lit PC and end up having a much more serious problem), I opened the computer and cleaned gently and carefully the small fan that has the card video (in my case NVIDIA G-FORCE GT430). I realized I had enough dirt and not turn normally.
How do I cleaned? I do not think it's too important, the idea is that you take out all dust, I used an old toothbrush.
Well, after that I went to plug in the computer, I turned, did the same tests, and now everything works correctly, the temperatures do not exceed 70 ° C and not me reappeared error that & quot; the controller stopped working, etc. & quot; .
Usually, that's my contribution, I hope they serve.

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