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windows has stopped device code 43

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Windows displays the error message Code 43 and prevents the hardware device activation when one of the drivers controlling the hardware notifies the operating system that the computer failed. If the computer displays an error code 43, Microsoft recommends that you first check the hardware device documentation for advice on common problems and how to troubleshoot the device. This may include re-install the device. If the hardware seems to function properly, try to correct device drivers.

Assistant device problems

Windows includes a troubleshooting wizard integrated hardware devices. To access this feature, open the "Devices and Printers" folder in the Start menu. Click the device and then select "Troubleshooting" in the context menu. Windows automatically checks the device and attempts to automatically detect and correct the problems. You may need to click the "Yes" button during the software download process or driver updates.

Update drivers using Windows Update

Updating the hardware device drivers with Windows Update tool can also troubleshoot hardware. Click "Check for Updates" in the left pane of the Windows Update tool that can be accessed from the machine's control panel. Windows Update shows the number of major, recommended and optional updates in the main panel. On the "Select updates to install", click and select the check box for the hard drivers to install. Click "OK" to automatically download and install the items.

Update drivers with Device Manager

If you do not want to rely on Windows Update, you can also manually update the drivers for the hardware problem with the "Device Manager" tool that can be accessed from the control panel. Double-click on the faulty hardware, the Device Manager can label with exclamation point icon yellow-black. Click the "Driver" tab in the dialog box and then click the "Update Driver" button. Windows checks for updated drivers and, if found, the new drivers are installed automatically. You may have to restart your computer at the end of this process.

Service and Repair

If you can not solve the problem by following the recommendations of the manufacturers of help documentation, or troubleshooting the device and update drivers with Windows, you may need to contact the manufacturer to arrange for service or device repair. You must find and repair service information or contact details in the device's user manual or the section of the web site of the manufacturer support.
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