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assassin's creed 3 has stopped working

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Well to me it helped me because my passing the same and that probe and several crack and update anything until after trial and error and now came out perfect game and I 2 before the sequence could not get either one.

  • -Install Zero assassins creed 3 Version reloaled (if not also work with skidrow there are several possibilities but try to work on that version)
  • -Install The update 1.0.2, 1.0.3, 1.0.4 all in that order are not cumulative so that you see is one of the mistakes that appears in the game you have to have all groups update their recpectivos if your version is skidrow seeks its update and if reloaded looking for them, eye 4 googles if you are here in taringa
  • -install Do not need to sign out of interest but be careful not install the update online but as I told you.
  • Well now the crack is the key issue not use nor the skidrow reloaled or those that come with the update do not copy the game directory, use the crack theta version 1.0.1 if that crack paste them run it also very important mode support win 7 and wuala funka (which happens if you use the above mentioned crack funka not get the placard)
  • -ready To vitiate I do not work with me or not reloaded skidrow but if theta and update all the 4, if you only install the 1.0.3 or 1.0.4 or everyone will follow me step out the little sign greetings
  • -Eye Only for Windows 8 that this game has good compatibility problems jajjaja the pirated version that in windows 7 if funka normal and do not forget if you like the game supports companies Buy greetings

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