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yesterday every time I go in to see a photo gallery I get a message saying that SNS has stopped. I always give to accept and you can see the picture but it does not mean and how can I fix it. I have a note 3, but do not understand much of computer science and even less mobile. I appreciate the help. A greeting.

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Hello!! It happens to me just the same. buy the note 3 about 15 days ago and almost from the beginning I get SNS has stopped and as you say if I give to accept let me see the picture but I do not know how to eliminate it from appearing and if you have any repercussions. I hope answer! ! Thank you

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Hello I also had the same problem, until today I could fix it with the help of the department of Samsung Customer Service.

Through Chat, they were showing me the steps: (Do not worry that in any case the Gallery content is lost)

1º- Login Settings / Application Manager / All.

 2º- Select "Gallery"

.3º- Press "Delete Data"

 .4º- Back to the main menu and enter again in "Gallery"

 "He came out the same message"

Then I was told to come back into

1º- Settings / Application Manager / All. . .

2º- Select SNS. . .

3º- Press "Delete Data". . .

.4º- Back to the main menu and enter again in "Gallery" He came out the same message"

And finally I was told to repeat the process to select SNS and press "Force Stop" and then "Disable".

SOLVED !!!!!!!!!!!!.

I hope I've helped. A greeting.
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I have sent solution they gave me in Support of Samsung.
I hope it helps you. A greeting
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