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How to Open Encrypted Files  on windows or mac

Hello everyone I hope you can help me, this is what happens:

I have some files in the Protected excel with key, then I had a problem with the operating system and I had to format the partcion operating system and now want to open the files I get an error that says "Unable to access the file. the document can be read only or be encrypted. "
I tried with the XLS Recovery program but says it is only for files that are protected. I hope someone can help me are very important data.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Right-click the file to open the selection menu and click on "Properties".
  • Select "Advanced" properties menu, which opens the section "Advanced Attributes" on "Properties".
  • Click on "Details" which displays all the information encryption. Select "Add". This opens a window to add users.
  • Select the user (yourself) to whom You will provide access to the encrypted file. Click "OK" until you return back to the "Properties" window. Once in this window, click "Apply". This allows you to apply your changes. Click "OK" again to close the properties window.
  • Double-click the encrypted file. Right now you can access it.
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