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Hi, I wanted to know why I get 1360x768 native resolution as if I have a choice of resolutions up to 1920x1080.
Monitor how I'm using a LG Full HD TV (42LH3000 model) supporting 1080p, and my graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 gives 1080p.
So ... should not get out full resolution (1920x1080) as the native?

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Hi, I have updated the graphics card?

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Yes. In fact the PC is newly formatted and I installed the latest version of the graphics drivers Blast and motherboard. I have also tried to put the BIOS setup factory, but it has not worked.
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Perhaps the problem is that the monitor is not really such and therefore no drivers
In the Device Manager >> monitor, is identified?
How will you connected, why port to the computer?

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I contacted LG and they confirmed that I was FULL HD TV that supports 1080p, and since the TV was not necessary to configure anything, nothing else select the HDMI port where you connected the PC. And it is as I have, connected by HDMI graphics card to the TV.

In the task manager as I get LG TV and Monitor Audio device as Generic PNP monitor.
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