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Hello everyone, I just signed up, I read your post a few times, and I congratulate you for the work they do.
I tell you I certainly had my pc Windows7, a PC purchased in a large hypermarket. I upgraded to Windows 10, but had problems with some older programs, which could not be opened, but used them, so I decided to return to Windows 7, but I've been surprised that tells me once again to 7, my copy of Windows 7 is not oriiginal! what can I do? if you buy well,, already installed. any solution? I tried to restore, but only gave me the restore point when I uninstalled 10. thank you very much and greetings

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Hello welcome.

Copy of a previous post of mine the solution should run you:
It is a known effect that occurs after an upgrade (has happened with flash, for example) or after installing a program does not fully support.

The solution provided by Microsoft is this:

Start / Programs / Accessories / right mouse over sistems symbol >> Run as administrator.
There you give this command and hit Enter

slmgr / COLR

will parade a long litany of files on the screen. It is running the reinstatement of the license files.

Once finished go to Control Panel / System and see if Windows / appears on. If not, turn it on (Activate now).

Check now if your Windows is as legitimate

Only if that did not work need to reset the license: you return to run command prompt as administrator, give this command and hit Enter

slmgr / rearm

A window is displayed indicating that it has implemented and saying to restart.
Do that and when you have booted go to Control Panel / System and active again Windows 7.
With this your problem should be resolved.


PS: All commands have indicated are valid only for Windows 7. They should run on a Vista even if the same problem

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thank you very much for your help
indeed, use the second option you gave me, not because I get the message that it is not original, well !!!!!
when I get into the system, I say I have thirty days to turn, I get in turn, giving me option to purchase a new product key or write another, there I miss, no longer follow, I do? excuse my ignorance, thanks, greetings
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oh and activate it under license, give me a product identification number, it is that I have to wear? because it leaves me
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You have the key on a sticker attached to the. tower or the back cover of the notebook, as. case.
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ok, thank you very much, I'll tell you, greetings
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