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I am new to this forum and also in the world of android.
I have been ome documentand on how to extract text from a PDF in an android app but I have learned nothing.
I imported some examples with different libraries but I have not gotten nada.Uno of repeated errors is something like like the classes that I import libreias not working.
if someone could help me with some respect or simple example would be the most appropriate library.
Thanks in advance and greetings.
For some work with eclipse.

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I currently use Adobe Acrobat Reader and you simply have to go to the PDF file that interests you, open it and select text by holding your finger on the word and then you arrows to move the sides and appear to fit the text. Like a white box appears next to it gives you 4 options: copy, highlight, strikeout and underline.

If you have any question do not hesitate to return to stop by the forums.

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