How to configure a VPN remote access server

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How to configure a VPN remote access server

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Steps to configure a VPN remote access server

1. We are going to "Control Panel", open the folder "Network" from the File menu and select "New Connection".

2. In the "New Connection Wizard" click on the "Next" button to continue.

3. we are offered several options from which you must select "Set up an advanced connection". Then click on "Next".

4. Select "Accept incoming connections" and click "Next" to continue.

5. In the "Devices incoming connections" screen, do not select any, because what we want is not to connect to this computer by a call or using the parallel port. Then click on "Next".

6. In the "Connect virtual private network (VPN) incoming" screen must select "Allow virtual private connections". Then click "Next".

7. In the "User permissions" screen select users who can connect to our team using the VPN. From this screen you can create new users. Click on "Next".

8. Then select the protocols we will qualify in the VPN. If you want to share files and printers we mark "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)", "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks". We can add all the protocols we want using the Install button. Select the protocol "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" and click on the "Properties" button to proceed to set it up.

9. Then proceed to configure the properties of TCP / IP protocol. If we want the clients that connect us to access the local network where we have our server, we activate the first box. On the other hand, we can let the server assign clients IP or set a range of IPs, or even allow customers to specify their IP.

10. Then store the TCP / IP and click on the Next button in the wizard. With this, we're done. Right now we have a new connection in the Network Connections folder. Selecting the new connection we can see the state of this, customers connected, change settings, etc.

Now we have configured the VPN server and is ready to accept VPN clients.
Then we configure a VPN connection for connecting to the server.

Steps to configure a VPN client

1. Go back to open the folder "Network" in the menu and select "New Connection". In the new connection wizard to select "Connect to the network at my workplace" and click Next.

2. Then select "Virtual Private Network Connection", and click Next.

3. In the next window, mark the "no initial connection using" unless we want them to another of our VPN connections to Internet use. If we indicate that enabling this connection is activated before another connection, such as a telephone connection, it is first connected to the Internet and then the VPN is established. You will not need to activate any of these connections if you have cable or ADSL, or if we are connected to the Internet when you activate the VPN connection or not we want it to check any connection.

4. Next we need to specify the IP address of the VPN server, this is the public IP address, that is, the one on the Internet at the time of establishing the connection between clients and the server.

5. When the wizard we will have to activate the connection list. What remains is to indicate the user and password we have enabled on the server and you can connect to the server.

If the VPN server connects to the Internet using a cable modem or IP can change (dynamic IP) so it will be necessary to indicate the IP which has at all times.

Now we have the VPN connection ready for operation.
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