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I put a generic usb to my macbook pro and instantly went out, it did not ignite at all with that by putting the charger not only flickering light, I read in another article that I just had to turn without battery but take you to istore and if someone had a case haci tell me if you pideron an additional cost to the diagnosis sorted out in the diagnosis please

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Maybe it was a short circuit and your Mac now has static electricity, remove the battery and the cable and hold the power button a few seconds to remove the electricity, then put the battery and try it on.

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Hello: I tell you that your problem is that the USB is short do not use more. to turn your Mac again you get the cover off the battery with care as it can damage any electronic circuit then try turning on your Mac without batteries and cable. vuetas and supported by giving it a nonmetallic place. then will connect the battery again. close it completely. turn it on i voila should turn. places the charger. Please do not use and your generic usb again. I hope you find it useful .
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