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The camera application has stopped - Solution

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1. Delete data cache and the camera application:

Access the Settings menu, and within this, the Application Manager section. Search the camera application, access to this and click the Force stop button. Then click on the Clear data and Clear cache buttons. Then restart your device. When you do are erased data and app cache camera so it may have lost some configuration preferences.

2. Factory data reset:

If the first option will not run, then you can always try to do a hard reset, but before that remember having made a backup copy of all information stored in the terminal before. You can do it by accessing the Backup Settings menu or manually by the recovery menu.

3. Wipe cache partition:

This is not possible in all smartphones. To perform this action, follow these steps:

Turn off your device and turn it on while pressing Volume Up + Home + Power on or off.
Stop press on and continue to press the other two.
You should enter the Recovery menu or recovery Android.
Use the volume buttons to select wipe cache partition and the power to select.

That is all. If anyone knows an alternative solution I invite you to share it with us.

A greeting!

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Yesterday I was fighting all afternoon with z5 ... It's new, and my father asked me k you spend all your old data xperia.
Passing all started to relentisarce and no taxes camera.
After hours following tips d forums .... Eureka! The ruling was the sd k dl old mobile was damaged. It was kitarla and all good.
Before restoring d d manufactures and all those stories. Begin so simple. Kitaro sd ... Clear cache ... Etc.
I hope you serve any
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Thank you! I helped me point 1
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Good day! a couple of months buy a Kingzone k2 Android 5.1 Lollipop, worked very well, until the camera stops working and gives me an error message "can not connect to the camera, be sure to close applications that can connect to the camera or flash ". the case is to restart and restore factory but still does not work. I tried to go to Settings / Applications / (for downgrade and reinstall updates camera) but there is not the camera icon, not because it has disappeared settings.
I can do or that solution is there for this error?
A greeting and thanks in advance.
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Hello good morning, I have an elephone m2 and when I open the camera I appear: can not connect to the camera, be sure to close other applications that can use camera or flash.

Well the steps I followed:

1 Clear app cache, data, force stop and restart. Nothing

2 Reset to Factory Data

3.Wipe cache partition

... And nothing, the problem continues with the native camera and the others.

I try another rom? To have if it is of S.O? (Before it worked, perhaps update with some error)
My android version is 5.1.

Is it possible that it is the flex?
- neither the front camera, nor the rear camera nor the flash works.

Thank you for your contributions
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