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Your iPhone does not turn? Do you stay with the black screen? Show this solution

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The iPhone has the most stable mobile operating system market, but still is not free of flaws and can not spend your iPhone on or simply left with a black screen and unresponsive.
Imagine you're using your iPhone as normal, you leave it for a while and when you get back to try it on and you can not. Are you sure the iPhone has battery, but no matter which button to turn your lights do not get it or to respond to any touch.
The next thing you do is put to bear the hope that your battery will have played a trick and has been discharged suddenly, but neither can get your loved SmartPhone signs of life, but do not start yet mourn, almost certain there is a solution to your problem, and is easier than you think.
What can you do If the iPhone does not turn on or stays with black screen
1 Restart your iPhone with a Hard Reset
It is the first thing you should try, in most cases your iPhone is turned on but not enough, simply a process has been hung and not allow turning the screen or through the action of a button or touching anywhere screen to make a hard reset simply have to press the Home button and switch to the time until the apple of Apple you see appear on the screen. Since you push the buttons until you see the apple should not take more than 15 seconds. Once you see the block you can release the buttons, your iPhone has come to life.
2- Put your iPhone to charge
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. You may really your iPhone battery has eaten believe it or not. If the iPhone battery is completely depleted may take as long between 15 and 25 minutes to turn back on once you plug the network, so be a little patient.
3- Restore your iPhone to factory settings
At this point, if you still have not got your answer you should ask yourself iPhone restore and start from scratch. You may have plugged in and see what they charge, but disconnected from the network returns to the screen turn black and you do not get to do anything with it.
In this case, follow these steps:
1- Put the iPhone into DFU mode. To do so press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously until you see the apple, as soon as you release the power button but hold the Bobon Home until you see the symbol of iTunes and a USB cable on the screen.
2- Now open iTunes and plug your iPhone to the computer. iTunes should detect your iPhone in restore mode and tell you.
3- Follow the instructions on the iTunes screen to complete the restoration process.
Most often get fix the problem by following any of the above tips, if not well can have a greater damage than normal and do not be forced to go to the nearest Apple Store or call Apple technical support if you have no hand.


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