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How to recover deleted text messages from iPhone using Textpad

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There are a lot of tool available on internet that can help to recover your lost sms, but I will also recommend that you should have sync your device to iTunes, it is the easiest way.
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If you delete a text message on an iPhone, that message will be deleted forever, unless you've recently made a backup of the iPhone to your computer. If you do, you can use the TextPad application to locate and recover the text message you deleted.

  1. Double-click the icon to open the program TextPad program. Click the "Search" menu and select "Find in Files".
  2. Write " most recent post " in the "Search" field . Type " * . * " In the " Archive " .
  3. Click the "Browse" button to the right of "In Folder " . Click the icon of the hard drive of your computer, followed by the link "user" . Click on your username, then select the "App Data" option . Click the " roaming " folder , then the " Apple Computer " folder. Click the " MobileSync " folder , then click the one that says "Backup " and then click the "OK" button to set the " Backup" folder as "In Folder " .
  4. Place a checkmark next to the "Search subfolders " . Click the "Search" button to find the appropriate files.
  5. Double-click the first item in the search results to open the SQLite file in TextPad . Scroll through the file until you find the text message deletion.
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Text messages are saved in your last iTunes or iCloud backup. You could retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone using one of those backups, and get the messages that were on the iPhone at that time with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.

Why not use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery? I think it is a super amazing expert to this issue. Thanks to it, I can retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone and I get all of them back!!
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I don't what's textpad,but I know Mobiledic iData recovery program ( http://www.mobiledic.com/ios-data-recovery.html) because I used it to retrieve my contacts from iPhone plus, maybe it also works with you.  

  • Support iPhone 6s/6s Plus and other iOS device.
  • Retrieve regular data include photos, message, contacts, videos and notes. Even of WhatsApp History, Kindle, App Documents, Flicker, Instagram, etc.
  • iOS stucks on apple logo, iOS stucks in recovery mode, device lost or broken or failed of jailbreak.
  • Deal with either partial recovery or whole recovery. You can choose to have specific contents back at the last step.
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With the help of the recovery software, which is a tool for iPhone users to retrieve the deleted data,  you can get them back in few steps. There are two popular and useful ways to make it. One way is that you can recover the data from iPhone directly. Recover text messages iphone. The other way is that you can recover data from iTunes backup, only if you have made the backup.

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