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Every time I try it downloads about 80% then pops up couldn't download error (905). How can I fix this?

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Try to make yourself to Applications> Settings> Applications> manage applications> find google play store> clear the data, then uninstall android google play  the market updates > you will have the old thank you.
Wait a few seconds and restart the play store again, the shift should be effective, and then test the installation of an app.

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If you appeared the 'Error 905 when you are trying to download or install an application from Google Play and has blocked the continuation and made it impossible to complete the download or installation, then below you can find the solution to solve the problem:
- Go into Settings Android phone (the menu where there are all applications tap the Settings icon)
- From the Settings screen, scroll down until you find the voice applications.
- Select "Manage applications" or "Application Manager" (depending on the model's voice may change) from the list of applications and select "Google Play Store" or "Play Store".
- Once you open the settings screen of the Google Play Store, click the "Uninstall Updates."
- At this point the Google Play Store will return to a previous version and 99% work again.
When you restart the Google Play Store will be downloaded automatically updates to a newer version of Google Play.
Finished this process, try downloading and installing the application, but if after applying this procedure should still introduce the issue of 'error 905, then I recommend you contact the Google Play support and assistance with this error.
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