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Good day .. I have a glitch in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ..
the failure is that the calls (to make and receive) does not work the handset or microphone (not listen and do not hear me) .. the two pieces if they work, because in other applications if they serve .. is only in the application call. NOTE: If the call connects.
calls also fail with handsfree and speaker.
Any solution can tell me ..?
Hardreset already made and still the same
thank you very much in advance !! ..

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It happened the same with several models of brand. They could be repaired, but the repair cost almost as much as mobile. So I decided to change it for a Chinese to offer me the same benefits for 1/3 the price. Chinese phones I've bought so far last two years without breakdowns me until one of the battery begins to discharge. As they bring other parts there for two years and, for the price, worth buying another upgraded to 4 years.

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I have a note 2 with the same problem. In my case it started to fail after an advanced cleaning clean master. Tried everything to repair, probe unofficial, official, updates, flasheos ... Nothing works ROMs. Lei in this forum someone posted a solution. These days the release and taste to see what happens. I have no hopes alike.
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