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I'm ordering and classifying the books I have in the iPad in iBook.
When I started using it, I downloaded a number of free books which neither I served, and serve me, nor will I, and I would get rid of them, but the option to delete do not appear anywhere in both the iPad and MAC iBook.
He tells me that I can delete the copies, but they would remain in case you want to still download iCloud later, but I want to permanently delete them. Although I delete the copy option is still appearing as downloading "purchased books", and what I want is to permanently delete them.
How do I do it?

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Open iTunes, go to the iTunes Store and the right side select the option Purchased, it will ask for your account information and show you all that you bought. Select the option of Books and there appear all you bought. When you put the cursor up one will get a X to hide the purchase, not completely erased but it does not show you the most.
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Go to iTunes, go to the iTunes store and sign in with your Apple ID and at the bottom of the iTunes store find 4 columns, the second from left tells characteristics at the end of that column he says "bought" can enter there and there eliminate what is in iCloud and no longer use, books, and other app. Bye!
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