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I have a serious problem and restarted the iPhone 4 - jailbroken 7.0.4 and I have gone all icons except Kiosk, I tried but could not restore because itunes tells me that I have to disable "find my iPhone" device but I can not without icons, try it through iCloud but the iPhone is off me a few seconds to turn it on, load a status bar with apple and after loading clock appears and goes off there, not if deleting "looking my iPhone" and I have to wait for hours because it connected to the network but not if you load in this state ... that would have options to restore it? jailbreak and I would like also after disabling "looking my iPhone" on itunes icloud even tells me not off, however I get an email that is erasing this option ... 

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hi, I put it in DFU mode and you restore

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I would try two things .. Boot into safe mode (boot the iPhone by pressing the volume + pressed) or rerun evasion .. Before restoring. 
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I'm telling you that happened to me, the problems you had to do to get my JB iphone activated, do not ever run evasion that can not do anything and that is still active in the FIND MY IPHONE mobile, and what EVASION first it tells you is that you disable search my iphone. 
You put it in DFU, you restore and get my iphone without activating bundles JB 
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the problem is that I do not leave DFU, and I think it's because try disabling "search iPhone" since I think iCloud and the iPhone not just delete the remote process, and to leave it 4 or 5 hours a night and follows the watch wandered off and if I turn it on then off after 20 seconds I guess to try to end the process
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Strange things are read, I refierio each iphone has its own personality, I tell you, A 4 which I got erased by mistake from iCloud, if you've done, you know black screen does not recognize the sim etc .... connect to itunes and has told me dectado iphone in recovery mode, restore and end of the process I asked the data, the methyl and perfect restoration, but mine data in clear echo 3 minutes when just delete from iCloud yours rather more precise time, give it to him. 
I say when you put it in DFU is that you're going to ask for information when you finish the process, if you put it in DFU will not be able to restore that have active FIND MY IPHONE, 
ICLOUD deleting it from now if you can restore without DFU. 
give it time!
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instead of DFU recovery mode boot it and let me restore, because I had no time to wait to see if other 6h finished the process of erasing "looking for the iPhone" and was actually thinking of going for the iPhone 5, not advise at all be activated or jailbroken or without, has given me the most serious problem since I have iphones, now restored to factory settings but come to think it was impossible that option. I hope that in the future this helps someone because I found almost no case like this 
thank you very much
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