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Mysql server gone away error

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The error "ERROR 2006 (HY000): MySQL server has gone away" may occur during the execution of SQL queries.

To correct it you have to edit the my.ini file in the SQL Server installation directory.

In the [mysqld] add (or edit) the line max_allowed_packet = 100M
(adjust the value as needed)
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The error # 2006 MySQL belongs, such as error 80 Steam, this group of cryptic error messages which sole purpose seems to be to put the user in a state of rage and incomprehension. Take my case: yesterday, by copying a file in sql, phpmyadmin runs for a few seconds before a spit in my face: ". 

# 2006 - MySQL server has gone away"

Justifiably, I answer -  yes, I know it no use of talking to a computer, but damn, what it lets off steam. And do not judge me, you do the same thing in these moments: 

"I do not mind, it has the right to stretch the legs But there it is 2 am, and I would like to finalize it. website, in order to go to bed - even if, given the levels of caffeine / baobab powder present in my blood arteries, I do not think I can sleep all night. 

So the name of a goat,it's where the damn mysql server? 

"After moults research, it turned out that this error occurs when the size of the file to import into phpMyAdmin exceeds the maximum allowable size while transferring packets to the local server. We need to increase the security in the my.ini / my.cnf your local server, ideally 16M: this will solve the problem.

By the way, if you are a developer: consider including error messages understandable to the common man.

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