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If I can delete a message with a single tick, it makes only deleted my local device (Android) or is that the recipient is not delivered?

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To leave a message whatsapp is delivered to a recipient, I found that after sending this (✅) and before it is delivered (✅✅) add the person temporarily to your block list until you come in next line, as you can see there is still no date. Then the message is not delivered. You can then reinstate him and the message will never arrive and stay in the state of ✅. I hope that helps.

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Whatsapp marks messages that have been delivered from the sender to the WhatsApp servers with a single tick, and Whatsapp messages delivered from the server to the recipient, with the two ticks. After the only step that has appeared, the message is already on the server and can not be removed / aborted.

If your data connection is slow / is not available, you can cancel the message before removing the tick appears.
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