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Hello I have an iPhone 6 plus, yesterday gave him to restore, as I remain in recovery proceeded to restore in iTunes. but to finish downloading the iOS. shoot me an error 53 stays in recovery and wing bar reaches half, which may be someone has been through something similar .. I read that it can be id touch

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Solution error 53 iPhone 6 and 6plus:
The error happens when you break the screen, then you change the screen and button home fingerprint reader, when you change the screen and button home the iPhone will be fine but what happens when we restore factory version or update we'll be out the error 53, with no method reistalar ios may take you a 2 technics .I went to services  Christian and told me they opened this iPhone screen still needed this broken and the home button, home button to change the old could revive and reinstall ios my iPhone ..
The home button is apariado wing motherboard and processor, so when you buy an iPhone if not func footprint, or to return remains in the apple do not buy, unless you pass the original parts and home screen button original, but They have a nice brick

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Chances are that the team will have made a screen change. If it was in an authorized store, you can apply security team, otherwise I suggest putting on the old screen to restore successfully.
Whatever the case, I have read reports that clean equipment (delete junk files and logs, among other options) brings in solving the problem.
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1. Use Recovery Mode
Some users have reported using recovery mode, you were able to avoid the dreaded error 53 and restore the device from iTunes. Follow these steps and see if it works for you:

  • Turn the device off and leave it off.
  • Remove the USB and connect it to a computer with iTunes.
  • While they are keeping the home button on your iPhone in June, plug the other end of the USB cable to your iPhone 6. Hold down the button until you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen.
  • When you see the screen, stop pressing the start button. If not 't see this screen, Repeat steps 1 to 3.
  • You should now see on your computer that iTunes has detected a device in recovery mode. You can either restore factory settings, or if you have a copy of your iPhone 6 to iTunes, you can then recover from that backup.
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what if your home button is broken or lost?
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mine is too that's why im so confused on what to do
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All Apple users swear by the technology of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is unique, and in some ways they are right, but when you fail 53 gets in the way and will appear on the screen of your cell, and You can not escape and it is time to dedicate the last words to your iPhone has passed away ...

This is what everybody thinks that the error 53-lies this last appearing in the iphones is hopeless, but the truth is that if this problem is hopeless and focuses on the home button, since many people try to change the screen and not print well on a very thin tab on the home button ..

And when will remove this button is broken and there is the failure of error 53 ...

the solution is to change the button and ready the cases should be perfectly ....


I write this because last-lying phones do not stop bringing me to fix this error .. And I see that there is very little information in relation to this problem .... 

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Error 53: Apple blocks your iPhone if someone else has repaired

Begins to become famous error in the iPhone 6 and 6s that blocks mobile if it is detected that has been repaired by a third party and not by authorized Apple service

Begins to appear more Internet users who have seen their iPhone is locked with a strange error.Mobile, when ignited, prompted to connect to iTunes via USB cable, iTunes doing so shows an error screen with the message "The iPhone has been unable restored. There was an unknown error (53) ".

It seems that this error is directly related to home repairs or made by unofficial shops that repair this equipment. Since the arrival of iOS 9 some iPhone are able to detect that a mobile component has been replaced by another, namely the start button also makes fingerprint reader.

This "Error 53" appears when reassembling the computer and try to turn it on, mobile from the iPhone 5s, the first model with this fingerprint reader.

The strange thing is that only appears when this button has been replaced by a store or a person unrelated to Apple. That is, it occurs unofficial Apple stores or service centers not certified by the company. In other words, if you have changed the button at a neighborhood store makes repairs, there is a possibility that the reassembling this error.

also found replacements display cases that result in the same error.

If you have changed the button but still can not upgrade to iOS 9, this continues to function normally, but at the time that the new version is updated, it stops working.

Everything indicates that this is a system created by Apple to prevent iPhone users fix their phones with parties other than officers. Although we must be in a very desperate situation to fix / fingerprint reader button with a piece that is not official (remember that the reader unlocks sensitive items such as apple pay to have your bank card). This itself can create more problems when it comes to change broken screens, one of the most common defects of the iPhone when they fall.

If your phone is under warranty, at an Apple Store You might change the screen free, although not in all cases. In addition, there is no official Apple stores in all cities, making it more understandable to change in unofficial and cheaper shops. In any case we remind you that in addition to Apple stores, there are many providers authorized by Apple, which also use official parts of the brand and are backed by her services.

Apple has responded to the doubts that have arisen with this "Error 53". According to the company, this error is a security system Touch ID, the fingerprint reader for the iPhone, as we mentioned above.

We take very seriously the safety of our customers and Error 53 is the result of security procedures designed to protect the customer. iOS checks that the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone or iPad up to the other components of your device. If IOS is not applicable and the check fails, Touch ID, used for apple pay, is disabled. This security measure is necessary to protect your device and prevent fraudulent use Touch ID sensor. If a customer encounters Error 53, we encourage you to contact the customer service of Apple.

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