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How to fix broken headphones?

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If you're a fan of music and like to listen to it from your favorite devices, probably in more than one occasion you have suffered for staying mute your headphones or have been damaged in any way. Usually in these cases, the first thing you do is run out and buy a new headset.

However, you should know that in some cases it is still possible to rescue these headphones to continue enjoying your favorite music. On this occasion, we present a series of solutions to potential problems that might present your headphones, either with a broken cable, damaged connector or others.

How to fix the headphone cable

In order to fix the cable of your headphones if you do not provide the right sound, you'll need to connect to an audio source and play any song you want. Then, you can bend the wire 90 degrees, passing over your thumb to go all along the cable from end to end.

If you get to a point where the cable is broken, you will hear a clicking sound as where the volume could go up and down. You can be sure that this is the damage to bend and twist the cable at that point area.When you are sure that this is where the cable is broken, you can mark it with a piece of duct tape.

Then you can use shrink tubing to replace the cable you're going to cut. This tube is made of rubber and is almost equal to the rest of your headphone cable. It is advisable to do this before any action, because after welding the wire you can not do so easily.

As a next step, you can remove a half inch or 1.25 cm of the cable sheath using special pliers for stripping cables. Although you can also do so using a knife and touring the outer cable in this step must be very careful not to cut the inner wires.

Inside the cover you've peeled, you will find a cable with two wires attached, each independently protected with a different outlet (copper). Although you can find two wires in some cases protected asApple headphones, connected by a single cable containing a single unprotected decision.

The next action you should do is cut the right wire in the place where you noticed the failure when the cable slide on your finger. You taking the necessary care, you will proceed to join them again, where you have several options to do this, either a union or a union braided online.

To make a bonding braid, you must keep the two opposite ends of the wire to be bonded, noting that they are parallel one end of the other. Then you can roll these extremes at the same time to create your union braid. It is worth mentioning that this method is faster and easier than binding online, but also have an angled result not flow naturally with the rest of your headphone cable.

On the other hand, for online marriage ends, you should hold the wires so that they are overlapping their endings. Then, you proceed to roll them in opposite to the union is strong and can fit in with the natural direction of the cable directions.

However, before performing these tasks, you must ensure joined together only wires that are the same color. For example, you must attach a red wire with another of the same color, like white one with another target. Although in the case of ground wires, you can merge them all together rather than separately.

In this next step, you'll need to be very careful, because you must solder connections. You can use a tool called soldering gun soldering iron or tin, so connections that can function properly. It is also important to remember that these devices tend to heat up in great shape, so please handle with care to avoid burning your skin both in the rest of headphone wire insulation.

After welding all connections, you should let them cool for a while. Then you must wrap the two pairs of joints with duct tape, this serves to ensure that both red and white finishes, remain independent of the ground.

Although the most delicate work you have already done, then, you slide the shrink tubing you have previously entered, so it is just above the welds.

As this is a retractable rubber tube, you can apply heat on it to shrink to about a quarter of what was its original size. Thus, the tube will shrink to protect and strengthen the new section and cable repaired headphones.

Repair a damaged connector

If you find that the disadvantage is in the connector, it is damaged; You can choose to change it. In this regard, you should buy a new connector, made of metal where are the best and look better, but are also more expensive. Also, the plastic connectors can also serve and are cheaper to buy.

With the new connector already on hand, you can cut the cable of your headphones just above the connector. While it is important that you can leave a certain space as about 2.5 cm, as it will be the area that will be damaged.

The next step is to strip the wires. Usually, you find a loose or unprotected wire and two insulated wires.The wire is alone, it is the ground and the two isolated signals correspond to left and right.

Then you can unscrew the new connector. This connector, debiese contain two pins stuck in the end, but if you only have one, you bought the connector is mono, not stereo. In any case, the pin furthest from the center corresponds to the left signal, while the center corresponds to the right signal. For the grounding wire, no pins in the connector.

Generally, the white wire connects the left atrium (the end) and the red wire to the right ear (the ring), while the ground is connected to the cover. If you are unsure or have different colors, you can use a multimeter to confirm which probe connects to the end.

When you already have secure the position of each wire, you can solder the connector. In this case, it is advisable to solder the white wire first, then the ground, and finally red. You can also use some sandpaper to smooth the edges and thus make welding is implemented more easily on the metal. Now you can attach the cover to the connector to test the effectiveness of your work.

Repair with or without sound headphones line drawbacks

For this, you need to buy a packet of Sugru, a silicone rubber that allows you to mold it and easily stick to surfaces. You can find this product in different colors and at prices that depend on the quantity you buy.Usually, a package sufficient to replace the gum line connecting the headphones to the network, which is very little.

Then you will remember your childhood times, as you will need to mold the shaped rubber worm to wrap up the handset. For this, it takes a little and start styling Sugru on a flat surface, as thou hast done with plasticine Play-Doh. Make sure that the worm has a very uniform way, without any bumps or other.

Now, you can cut the worm longer than you think necessary. For this you can use a cutter or X-acto blades, right in the place where the tail head encounter. Note that, any excess material is added and only cause discomfort in your ears.

Finally, you can put the rubber on the headphones and turn it properly. Also, you can tune it and let it set for a few hours so that it loses its stickiness and can solidify properly. To soften the gum, you can dip your finger in soapy water and give the necessary adjustments. In this case, it is best left about 24 hours before using your headset again, especially if you are walking or running with them.

Final recommendations

Remember that this type of process the can with your most expensive headphones, so you can practice better with a cheaper before performing these tasks. Also, as mentioned, try not to leave long connected the welder to avoid melting the plastic or can damage the contacts.

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