How to access Google Chrome browser from your mobile

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How to access Google Chrome browser from your mobile

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While surfing the Internet favorites store many pages . For example, you are at home keep a page on the computer but then when you get to work with another computer or when you enter from the mobile do not have it on hand. You know that these same pages that you keep on your computer can automatically sync to other computers, mobile phones and tablets? It is very quick and easy and will help keep everything centralized without the hassle of saved pages in different devices you use.


As we mentioned you can access the same pages stored as bookmarks on all your devices without having to make any complicated operation, simply use the Google Chrome browser on all of them and have a Gmail email account. These are the steps to follow:

1. Install and configure Chrome on your computer:

  • Chrome-PCSurely you use it, but to have synchronized all your favorite Google Chrome need to install. You can download both for Windows  and for Mac .
  • Once downloaded and installed logs with a Gmail account. If you have not created an email account, you can create one from within the Gmail page , simply by filling out begging you on record. If you have a smartphone with Android and have set because to use it you need an account.
  • If you already have a Gmail account set up, you only have to access your browser to the menu at the top right and select Log in Chrome where you have to enter your email address and password to log in to your account.

From then automatically you save pages as favorites and the history of pages you used with your other configured devices are synchronized. You can save web pages by simply clicking on the star that appears next to the address bar at the top.

2. Install and configure Chrome on your Tablet or Smartphone:

  • Chrome-SmartphoneNow, to access the bookmarks from your Smartphone or Tablet installing the browser on the device you want to use. You can  download Chrome from the application store Android  or iOS.
  • When you've finished the installation and open the browser, you can configure your Gmail account by pressing the menu of your smartphone and selecting Settings , where you can Sign in Google Chrome e.
  • Once configured your mailbox, open a new browser window in Google Chrome and watch at the bottom there is a star (as you can see in the left picture) where if you click various folders open: "Markers computer "," Bookmarks Mobile "and" Other bookmarks "where are your favorite links.

This way you will take all your favorite pages stored day and synchronized across all your devices whenever you need.

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