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How to use less memory Google Chrome

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As you surf the Internet on Google Chrome, the program uses an increasing amount of hard disk space. Most people are not affected by the amount of hard disk usage, as they have large enough to handle large amounts of stored data units. Chrome can save images, videos and other data in its cache for easy future access memory. However, you can clear the cache to free up space. Finally, reduce memory usage, refraining from opening many browser tabs.


  1. Open Google Chrome by clicking "Start," "All Programs" and select the program from the list.
  2. Click the key icon located in the toolbar of the browser.
  3. Select "Tools", "Delete browsing data" and select the data to be deleted, as the cookies stored on your hard disk.
  4. Select the time period during which the program will delete data. Delete all data by selecting "beginning of time."
  5. Click "Clear browsing data".
  6. Close unnecessary tabs in Google Chrome. The more tabs you have open, the more memory you will use. Use a tab to browse the Internet, if possible.


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Preventing Chrome consume too much battery and RAM

If you use Google browser and you no longer reaches the battery or RAM, you have a few tips to help you reduce Chrome's memory consumption and CPU use and therefore battery.

It is no secret that Chrome is a monster eats resources with the passage of time has lost much lightness that characterized him at first. But we are many who continue to use the browser of Google despite its shortcomings, because we are used to the comforts it offers.

Now if you do not live in the world of 6GB of RAM or more, almost certainly costing you to live life on your computer when you try to use something other than the browser. Chrome with a number of tabs, applications, and extensions running can consume more than 4GB of memory without any remorse. For those people who are not fortunate to have a lot of RAM in your PC, here are sometips to reduce the insatiable consumption of resources of Google Chrome .

Learn to cope better with your lashes

change google chrome browser

The more tabs you have open will consume more memory Chrome, try not to keep so many at one time. Not long ago I told them some tricks to better manage our eyelashes when using Google Chrome , if you do not need at that time, the tab does not need to be open and not have to lose sight. This is especially important if you're not plugged in when you use your laptop battery, try to keep to a minimum number of tabs, Chrome consumes battery so hellish. OneTab it is always my first recommendation.

In my case, my laptop battery lasts about four hours if I have open Chrome, but only one hour with the Google browser. Meanwhile, let me play Skyrim two hours before the low battery warning appears, it is crazy.

You do not need as many extensions

Users tend to accumulate in the browser extensions build applications on thesmartphone . Oh, sounds interesting, the go down and try !, a week later even remember the name, but there is still occupying space, and consuming resources.

Check extensions and applications that you use Chrome, and if you see something you do not recognize just delete it . If you see something you have not used in weeks, remove it. If you see something that is not completely necessary for your everyday life, delete it.

reduce memory consumption of chrome

If you pressure the keys Shitf + Esc at any Chrome window, you can open the Task Manager and check the memory consumption and CPU each tab, extension and process your browser. You can end processes independently, or simply go to the menu extensions and completely remove you think suitable. If you press down on the left where, "says Statistics "you can also see the total memory consumed by the browser.

Do not let Chrome run in the background

reduce memory consumption of chrome

Many do not notice that when you install Google Chrome the default browser remains all the time running in the background . If you have not paid attention, check your taskbar and if you see a small icon next to Chrome battery indicators, network, volume, etc., means that the browser continues to run even if you close all windows .

To disable this, just click on that icon and uncheck. You'll hardly need to Chrome remain running in the background, very few applications that require this, and isa truly unnecessary consumption , especially if you're reading this because you want to save them precisely.

Prevents the automatic playback of multimedia content

reduce memory consumption of chrome

The autplay multimedia content can be very convenient, but also annoying to the user, not to mention the fact that for playback often require plugins that consume extra memory in the browser. To turn automatic playback of audio and video in Chrome you need to activate the "click to play" (click to play). This means for example, that for a YouTube video to start playing on your Chrome, need you to do click.

Press the menu button in Chrome, select Settings , click Show Advanced Options ... In the section on Privacy click " Content settings ". In the new window search for " Accessories "and marks the third option , "Let me decide when to run content plugins" .

This not only gives you more control over your browser, it allows you to save memory, especially on sites that do not ask for permission to make noise.

Reset Chrome

reduce memory consumption of chrome

If you see that your installation of Chrome does not improve with these tips, you can reset the browser and make clean slate. With this Google Chrome you can restore to its original state and leave as new. Ideal if you have no idea how to remove extraneous processes, if you do not know if you are infected with some kind of malware, or if you want to delete everything and make things different this time without so many unnecessary extensions installed.

Open the menu Settings , then click the final in Show Advanced Settings and find the button: " Reset browser settings . " When we do this, all user settings return to their original values, and installed themes and extensions are disabled.

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