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Will we be able to make calls on Symbian WhatsApp?

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Yeah, that calls Symbian WhatsApp reach. In fact, all major functions reach this OS (WA Web, calls, video calls, check in (the blue stripes that say the message was seen)) But not the other, such as appearance or things like that. What happens is that Symbian is now the 4th or 5th operating system in importance. First this, obviously ... Android, then IOS, Windows Phone (just now being tested for calls, others will come after you), Blackberry, Symbian, then this is divided by 2 (S40 and S60) the first get the updates first, at least until recently was so.

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Perhaps in the distant future if but for the very difficult time that it can
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Will have to see if whatsapp continues to draw versions for Symbian, quisas, but would average difficult. greetings ...
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Calls have nothing to do with SIS. Operating the Cell depends on the permissions .... Note: It's just a guess
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Certainly it is not known if developers decide to incorporate this feature to Symbian platform, so soon I say that I have a Nokia N8 and the latest version of WhatsApp features whatsapp web so everything indicates that in principle in future versions of whatsapp calls included also for this platform. But as is always an assumption and we have to wait and cross your fingers.
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Those damned (developer) doesn't like Symbian...... So simple, they aren't going to do that.
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