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someone can guide me with a problem that I have with the happy phonebook. Took a long time looking for the previous thread and see no solution, so here goes:
Not long ago I have the SGS2. I connected the PC with the kies and after many problems I updated it, I made a backup, etc. I would also downloaded the address book of Outlook Express (which, incidentally, has now disappeared me the PC. Directly no longer exists). When I made the upgrade I remember that I warned about the contacts could not be updated with gmail or something. I honestly do not remember. It would be the emotion of the moment.
To which we go: now I get a lot of contacts on the phone that I did not put the majority only email addresses. The thing is that if I want to delete one says, "You can not delete contacts from read-only accounts only can be hidden.". If I give to accept the contact goes into limbo; that is supposedly not cleared, I do not know how to see him or where he is.
On the other hand, if I try to edit any of these contacts makes me a warning that says "Unable to edit SNS contacts on the phone." So, I have a lot of contacts that I can not do anything. Why is this?
When the list of contacts get an icon of a silhouette of a person on a green background, it is that contact is connected to another, right? He just made me such links. So far so good, but I go into some of these links and contact linking it is himself and not let me disassociate.
Conclusion: do not understand anything ...: mad: Help, help! Or a box of aspirin!
All this comes now going to put some order in my contacts and put them in gmail step, but ... ugh ... this is chaos!
Saying that the phone is not rooted and installed applications that may be accessing the address book are: yahoo mail, WhatsApp, Viber, FriendCaster, go chat, calendar smooth ... I dunno, I guess until the radio can access. In addition, I imported the contacts from the SIM to the phone memory and SD no contact. Automatic synchronization of the programs mentioned above and the "background data" option I have also enabled.

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A view of updated contact whatsapp alone, not edited.
You have to edit the contact normal. It is the best delete, update and create whatsapp disappears again. Pay attention to contacts (telephone) showing that you have all of gmail and the phone to edit well.
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To me it has worked for me the following:
1. I made Whatsapp backup with Titanium Backup (mobile I have rooted).
2. I deleted the entire program Whatsapp.
3. I syncronize contacts.
4. I restored Whatsapp
5. I have synchronized contacts and whatsapp google. Hidden contacts have reappeared.
I hope you serve.
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