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Hi! I commented buy a Lumia 535 Touch ignoring the problem that they have. I have updated to the latest version team, the magnifying glass off the bar up only in black color, almost all indications that I found online, but still fails ... when I put the pin desblloqueo sometimes have to press 4 time to respond! ... anyone know any other solution for this problem? or if you know if Microsoft is taking action on the matter? And last: will it help install the Windows Phone preview 10?

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The problem is solved screen greatly matt putting a screen saver. The answer greatly improves as it faced problems mainly with sweaty hands. The problem as I read through the change while free screensaver with warranty.
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With respect to the preview of WP10. Do not do it because you can only make matters worse, I would expect to launch the update to see how the device responds, but of course it would be much waiting for you
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