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Correcting an error loading operating system

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Causes - Why Error loading operating system?
1. The BIOS of the motherboard is not compatible with the size of the hard disk or configuration.
2. The hard drive is not properly configured in CMOS.
3. There is something wrong with the hard drive partitions.
Solutions - How to Fix Error loading operating system issue?
Solution 1: Properly setup BIOS and CMOS
Because 1 and 2, update the BIOS on your motherboard if possible, by consulting your computer manual or visit the manufacturer's website, and go to the CMOS settings to make sure the hard disk is correctly detected and at the same time, change the "mode of access" Large or LBA to add support for large-capacity hard disk.
Solution 2: Fix Problems hard drive partition
Improper configuration of the hard disk partitions and cause errors in the operating system loading, including the partition table (part of the Master Boot Record - MBR), error, error MBR and active partition wrong. You can fix all errors in loading the operating system with PowerSuite gold. A graphical user interface will help you to do almost anything as a real system. Any previous technology required. Is that in the particular order:
1. Create a CD / DVD / USB to another computer to boot any computer. Data Recovery is an ideal place for this kind of thing tool.
2. Make a correction MBR boot Crash solution first, then try their luck.
3. If the error persists, you may need to use the Genius of the partition on the Administration tab of disks to partition your hard disk before installing a new Windows system.
Note: Sometimes, disc special administrator is required to wipe your hard drive and create partitions to fix bugs cargo handling system problem. If one of the hard drive manufacturer, usually it is best to operate the drive as clean, erase and write zeros to the hard disk. If not, you could try KillDisk (free version is enough.)

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