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I take the mobile always away from the keys, but a day that passed me and it gave me a few rallones on the screen (and a small one in the camera glass) all this despite the Gorilla 4. The truth, I'm a little slump.
I have already bought a tempered glass, but before putting rallones want to try to eliminate such (ie not seem deep). I read that perhaps toothpaste may work, but not if you dare. Does it really work? Any other solution?
Thanks !!

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No, your mobile will always look like this.

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I do not understand that the gorilla 4 does not hold the scratches of keys
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The harder a material is, the less resists scratches. The GG4 better resist the blows, but scratched before the GG3.
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I have two microrallones to be looking for the perfect reflection them but they are there already and nobody will take, the better to enjoy the pileup and ready, if as much in two years and a half we are changing ...
Ahh and I'm super careful with your phone, in my case has been scratched by magic because I have not coupled with keys or anything ...
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I have it again the two crystals and with nothing, never'm very careful too. And always without cover. But one day you're given a blow to the profile and leave a little mark ... always somewhere something happens to you even if you are very careful. Enjoy the mobile is great!
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The only thing served is cerium oxide powder, but you're eating a little glass and do not be like it can leave very little hands worse than it is. I got in a china shop that is dedicated to making crystals directly, does not serve a store where you sell windows because they will not have.
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The ever wider screens of smartphones, let alone those of the tablets are exposed to a hazard that has always accompanied. Although its durability has increased over time, the dreaded scratches still occur and it is not uncommon out of the pocket a terminal and see how the keys or some sand has wreaked havoc on your screen.

Whenever the furrow not too deep, there are different "grandma 's remedies" that have not become obsolete and can help us get rid of that annoying scratches that now we can not help seeing on the screen, as gathered from the portal Mashable , and that, moreover, can also be applied to the "displays" portable consoles, cameras, etc.

We show below not before without noting that, logically, that if someone comes to use the so at your own risk and, although proven, will be solely responsible for the consequences, if done correctly does not have to be none. That is why, as a final warning before attacking a screen of a brand new smartphone, the test is done on another terminal or device that is in the house and have some years on it.


The first trick is so common toothpaste that is in any bathroom. Be the kind that is, if we put a small amount on a damp cotton cloth and rub in circles on the scratch, we can see how it reduces and even disappears. To return to leave the screen clean, we will need only a damp cloth to remove any remaining toothpaste.

Creams crystals car

Yes, like serve to repair small scratches crystals cars, brands like Turtle Wax, 3M Swirl have products that are applied in the same way as described above for toothpaste.


This is a drastic solution and if not done carefully, can worsen the problem. In fact, we recommend using only the finest to be found polishing the edges of a screen by contact with the ground, they may have been damaged.

Sodium bicarbonate

With baking soda we can also make a paste to help us remove scratches. Mixing two parts baking by water, create a thick paste applied as previously described for the toothpaste and creams car, it is possible to eliminate with scratches.


In a home with children safe no no shortage talcum powder, performing the same mix as before, but replacing bicarbonate talcum powder, it is possible to obtain the same result.

Vegetable oil

Sunflower or olive oil, to taste and considor. If what is on screen are small scratches, really small, it is possible with a single drop of oil and a clean cloth, make them disappear.

Create your own "rag removes scratches"

Yes, it is possible to create us our own "removes scratches" at home, we just need an egg, foil and something already more specific but not difficult to find, potassium aluminum sulfate, also known as "alum".

With these elements, mix the egg with a tablespoon of alum. Heat it until it reaches about 65 degrees C (150 degrees Farenheit). Once at that temperature, we put in a microfiber cloth and soaked well.

The next step is to wrap the cloth in foil and take to the oven where secaremos about 120 ° C. We took the cloth carefully, and dip in cold water between 20 and 30 seconds. We repeat this last step three times and allowed to dry rag, well ventilated, ie outside for 48 hours.

Once completed, we can use that rag on the screen of our mobile oo glass to remove any small scratches.

Clear nail polish

Using a clear nail polish can fill even deep scratches that, when dry, will remain as part of the screen smoothly. Applied across the screen, you can even offer an extra layer of protection to the screen is removed, just as easily, with nail polish remover.

clean metals

Last option, and perhaps the most dangerous. It is effective and can eliminate the first layer of the screen, without actually damaging it or harden it. However, just use if you are very sure of it and made very carefully because what you do is polish the entire screen to remove the scratch.

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