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How to reset the BIOS

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Sometimes when trying to access the BIOS of a computer we find that it has been previously assigned a password. We know the password and is the only method for accessing the BIOS.
We have a pretty drastic option UNCA but we have no choice, reset the BIOS.
There are two effective methods and an alternative and less reliable method.
The least reliable is to do with software. It is less reliable because it depends on the plates and usually usually alternative for what to look for hacking or similar pages. Also, if you fail in the process you run the risk of disabling your computer.
Below I detail the effective and reliable methods:
Method 1: Using a jumper on the motherboard. In most current plates there is a jumper that repositioned (connecting both pins), and after a few minutes of waiting, cleanly erase the BIOS. On the board itself usually have a legend for this task.
Method 2: Disconnecting the battery equally effective. After a couple of minutes we connect all over again.
After the reset, to restart the computer will detect the change and give us option to enter the BIOS to reconfigure or continue with the default settings.

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