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How To Fix The Sub-process bin/bzip2 Error In Cydia?

Sub-process bin/bzip2 error code2


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Not sure if you came across this on the net as well..

Solution: 1- Get your way to the file and directory structure of your iPhone (through SSH or iFile or Mobile Terminal ...)

2- Look for the /var/lib/dpkg/ directory

3- You should be able to find the following files: available, availble-old, status, status-old

4- Rename "available" to "available-bak"

5- Rename "status" to "status-bak"

6- Rename "available-old" to "available"

7- Rename "status-old" to "status" 8- Start Cydia

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didn't work, it again says, the error. is there any other method?
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Step 1:
Open Cydia and see the error that will give the repo, if we add a repo uo and which, causing the problem and we have to remove it.
Step 2:
To solve this problem we need to edit the cydia.list and then delete the repo between SSH and go to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.dy find cydia.list
Step 3:
Then (depending on your customer) edit the archivo.Estoy doing this with Cyberduck Mac, copy the file to Finder (desktop) and edit !!
If WinSCP ago in just the right mouse button on the file / edit, vary uo, I can not remember ..
step 4
alli remove the / s repos give us errors,
Step 5:
what did it was removed "" deb http: /cydia_.22web.net/repo// ./ "" and save the changes
(If they distrust make a backup of each file)
as seen in the image no longer exists cydia_.22web.net/repo
Step 6:
Now we go to / private / var / lib / cydia, copy the metadata.plist to your computer and open it for editing, type the repo that is giving the error, then delete it, save the changes, and replace the plist
Step 7:
Navigate to / private / var / lib / apt / list and remove files starting with the name of your repo that this evil.
in my case, delete "" _deb "http://cydia_.22web.net/ :. /" "
After editing .. save and replace SSH
Step 8:
Navigate to / private / var / lib / apt / list / part and then remove archivosque are giving mistake !!
 already completed the steps ... !! if all went well, no longer give us Sub-process bzip2
Man I hope you friends .. and I saw many with this same error !!!!
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how to do step 3
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