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Forgot your unlock pattern or password to your Android? Fixed (updated)

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I despair / a hast forgotten the password or unlock pattern your android phone? do not despair, there is an easy and simple solution to unlock the phone or android tablet either Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus, HTC, there is no way to reuse normally, we will see in a few simple steps.
Here we see several ways to unlock your phone, either through applications, factory reset mode or in old phones with android 2.3, calling the phone itself.
Ways to unlock pattern or password lock screen, mobile android
The steps to disable the lock screen pattern or password (works on some phones with android version 2.3 Gingerbread):
  • Another phone call yours (the disabled)
  • You take the call and you can access the menus normally (with the active call)
  • Enter your phone settings and remove the lock pattern or password
  • Nothing more, with these steps you must take back your Android phone or tablet, available for work, play, call, etc.
If this procedure will not work, there is another way to unlock the phone and is using our Gmail username and password, which asks us to introduce after crash too often the pattern, PIN or password.
We explain this latest video, in our article as unlock a mobile android (Samsung Galaxy Ace) with Gmail account
If you still can not unlock your phone, you can do with the app from Google Play, android device manager.
With this new method, you can change the password lock and you can see it in:
  • Change screen lock password android device manager
  • password reset remote device
Password reset remote device with android device manager.
Still can unlock your mobile phone or android tablet. You'll have to restore data factory / hard reset mode or in other words, reset your device, as described in its manual. Eye because data applications, games, documents, photographs, videos are lost, etc.
Use our search engine to find a way to reset your phone or android tablet. In the following links, you can see how to reset some models of Samsung, HTC, Sony, among others. You can also read the article to clear your doubts about restoring factory / format (hard reset) mode.
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