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Hi everyone s:
I have gone mad trying to solve this issue but does not seem to remedy. I bought an iphone ios 6 8.1 a couple of months ago. I put an alphanumeric key and checked my footprint to block it.
This weekend I was traveling and I inflate taking pictures. On Monday I ran out of battery and recharge it ... Mal !!!! ... I asked for the first time introduced the alphanumeric code on the first day when since then only use the imprint. I forgot, did not understand what was essential at any time since I had my (more reliable) fingerprint ...
I've made all kinds of efforts and reviewed everything I could find to save my pictures and ... nothing.
Right now I stare at the photo files on the screen or PhoneView iExplorer hoping that somehow he can extract.
ATTENTION the password lock, especially if they are alphanumeric. The footprint is just for show !!!

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And you have it under warranty, call Apple or make an appointment to a Genius. If it's yours, will have no problem in helping. Normally, education, Macuarium, when we high, we went through the forum of presentations and prsentamos us. Luck !!!!

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Meridian Hello ... Thanks for answering.
The first thing I did was to talk to Apple and I got up appointment on telling me that there was nothing to do ... First misstep ...
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Touch ID serves its purpose, but it has its limitations, can not be used in these cases, you use the code to configure
In addition, you must enter the code to unlock the iPhone in these situations:
After restarting the iPhone
When they have been more than 48 hours since the last time that you'd unlocked iPhone
To enter the ID and code setting Touch
The only way to remove it is restoring the cases, but in this case all because it would lose as a factory. You back up the iPhone to iTunes or iCloud? Connect iPhone to check, open iTunes and the check sum when the most recent copies were made
In complicated cases blocked access to these photos, you can not even make a backup in iTunes
You had activated in settings of icloud iphone photo library or streaming my photos?
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Hello Albarre,
He had a backup in iTunes than three days before so my single large loss is the photo of our trip (icloudn not use photos streaming) ...
Regarding Touch ID, Apple should take it more seriously especially for something as important as safety ...
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I guess Apple's decision of these three limitations commenting you touch ID, they are linked precisely with the issue of security I leave Search Forums Apple, if you find a solution to recover posibible these photos greetings :)
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Albarre thank you very much !!!
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Nothing :)
If you manage to find a solution, please discuss it, we may well be helpful to other users
greetings :)
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Whenever you restart your phone, not unlock it for several days or introducing footprint is made incorrectly (eg by having wet fingers), asks for the security key. Moreover, this key is required to set more things id like touch add or remove tracks. The only solution is to format and if you "find my iphone" enabled and will not let you, you deactivate from iCloud.com. If you could otherwise access to the terminal, without the need of the footprint or the key, it would not be a barrier to taking security seriously. Greetings.
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sdr already mentioned in the thread you suggest, but neither is most remembered again, the problem is to recover photos before restoring iphone
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