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How to fix PS3 Error Codes 80031606

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80031606 unknown in the account problem.
    Step 1: Create a new user on the PS3, you name it, but did not sign into the playstation network.
    Step 2: Turn off the PS3 system so that the red light stays on.
    Step 3: Squeeze and hold the power button. Hear of 2-3 beeps, and the system is shut down again, now you release the button.
    Step 4: Apreta and keep the power button again, until you hear 2 quick beeps, (ignores slow) Now take your finger off the button, and you've entered the recovery mode of the PS3.
    Step 5: Choose option 2 in the recovery mode is the option to reset faults of the system, and follow the instructions on the screen.
    Step 6: When you have the opportunity to choose a user choose the new user created earlier, identify yourself in the PSN, and this time there will be no error.
    Step 7: Put yourself in the user created for this process and give your Original PS3 eliminar.Volveras user, where you have your savedata, your purchases etc ...
    Step 8: Sign in to PlayStation Network

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